Born in Germany and raised in Australia, Kathrin Legg is no stranger to foreign lands. But what makes her so unparalleled is her ability to imagine new places and ideas. Kathrin is a brilliant force of creativity and storytelling.

I am a trained visual art high school teacher so I am very passionate about teaching art to children and the importance of using both their left and right side of the brain to develop critical thinking skills, problem solving, language and vocabulary skills. For children as young as toddlers, exploring the world around them through play and art shows them that learning is fun, and builds their communication, social, emotional, and fine motor skills. The benefits of surrounding kids with beautiful art is that it inspires them and encourages creative thinking.

I tend to love using a lot of colour, for me, it makes the artwork happy and uplifting and something children are drawn to and inspired by.

If you are a manufacturer or agent interested in my work, please email me at kathrinlegg@outlook.com and I will reply as soon as possible.

I am creative, hardworking and flexible, I love working together with clients to bring a new project to life.

If you would like to discuss your design needs with me, please don't be shy and get in contact with me!

Card Isle - greeting cards

Ugobags - Luggage 

Bucketfeet - Canvas shoes